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The Retirement Wild Card That Can Derail Your Plan

Learn how to prepare yourself, your loved ones, and your financial future by addressing risks before they arise.

With every generation living longer than the one before it, strategic retirement planning is more important than ever. In addition, more and more adults are finding themselves sandwiched between supporting their children and their parents, as well as addressing their own financial security needs.

Watch this webcast replay to: 

  • Learn how to protect yourself from one of the most significant risks to your retirement income: the impact of a long-term care event.
  • Get firsthand insight from New York Times best-selling author and Women Against Alzheimer’s co-founder Meryl Comer.
  • Understand the impact of caregiving on physical, emotional and financial levels.
  • Hear questions from others during the recorded Q&A session with financial expert Steve Sperka.
  • Find out how a good plan can reduce the burden on your loved ones.

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