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Changing Jobs? Top Financial Considerations Beyond Salary


Salary is an important consideration, but it shouldn’t be your only one.

It accounts for just 70 percent of your total compensation, leaving 30 percent hinging on benefits. When changing jobs, you’ll want to carefully evaluate these benefits, such as the different health insurance and retirement plans, disability income insurance and tuition reimbursement. Often companies offer additional benefits that go unnoticed. Don’t neglect looking into these benefits.

Do you know ...

  • How to evaluate the major insurance benefits to make sure you’re receiving the best possible package?
  • What the company match is and how it impacts your employer-sponsored retirement plan?
  • Six additional ways to add value to your compensation plan, beyond salary, insurance and retirement?
  • Which option is best to handle the 401(k) from your prior position and the tax implications of your choices?
  • How to avoid new employee asset taxes and penalties?

Don’t leave anything on the table. Learn how to take advantage of your total compensation package.

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