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Medicare Simplified. Know Your Options, Know Your Costs


Do you know what Medicare will cover in your retirement?

Learn about the four main parts of Medicare and how to plan ahead for your health care in retirement.

Medicare can be confusing in dozens of ways, starting with the "alphabet soup" of plan choices. Yet the decisions you make may have a significant impact on your coverage, out-of-pocket health care costs and, ultimately, your overall financial health in retirement.

Download this free guide for key considerations and information to help you select the Medicare options that are right for your needs.

Do you know ...

  • What Medicare is?
  • The four parts of Medicare and how they work?
  • What is and isn’t covered by Medicare and the additional expenses to plan for?
  • When your income exceeds certain levels, you’ll need to pay more?
  • What the “Donut Hole” is and why it’s important to plan for?
  • How to avoid enrollment penalty costs?

Take the guesswork out of filing for Medicare. Download this guide for the key information you need to make an informed decision.

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