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Northwestern Mutual® is a trademark of The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company.

Northwestern Mutual is the marketing name for The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee,WI (NM) (life and disability insurance, annuities and life insurance with long-term care benefits) and its subsidiaries.

Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Company, Milwaukee, WI (NLTC) (long-term care insurance), is a subsidiary of NM.

Northwestern Mutual Investment Services, LLC (NMIS), is a subsidiary of NM, broker-dealer, registered investment adviser, member FINRA and SIPC.

Northwestern Mutual Wealth Management Company®, Milwaukee, WI, (NMWMC) (fiduciary and fee-based financial planning services) is a subsidiary of NM and federal savings bank. Investment products and trust services are not insured by the FDIC, are not deposits or other obligations of, or guaranteed by, NMWMC or its affiliates and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of the principal amount invested.

Estate Strategies Group (ESG) is a division of NMWMC.

LearnVest, Inc. is owned by NM Planning, LLC, a subsidiary of The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Strategic Employee Benefit Services is a marketing program in which local independently owned and operated companies that are not subsidiaries or affiliates of NM provide comprehensive employee benefit services. Strategic Employee Benefit Services provides Northwestern Mutual Financial Representatives with access to a variety of top employee benefit companies.

A financial professional can include any of the following: Financial Representatives are agents of The Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company (NM) and may be registered representatives of NMIS. In addition to being licensed as life insurance agents with NM, all Financial Advisors and Wealth Management Advisors are registered representatives of NMIS and are also credentialed to provide advisory services as representatives of NMWMC.

Products and services referenced are offered and sold only by appropriately appointed and licensed entities and financial advisors. Financial professionals might not represent all entities shown or provide all the services discussed. Not all products and services are available in all states.

The information contained in this website, including any links to other websites, is provided for general informational purposes as a convenience to Northwestern Mutual customers and Internet users. This information is not a substitute for obtaining professional advice from a qualified person, firm or corporation. Therefore, you should not rely solely upon this information in making any decision, including any decision to buy a product from Northwestern Mutual or any other company. This information, including any prospectus information, is not an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any security, service, or product. This is not intended to provide legal or tax advice. Please consult your legal or tax professional for specific information.

Federal Law requires that Northwestern Mutual obtain, verify and record information that identifies each owner. As part of that process, the owner will be asked to provide the following: name, address, date of birth (as applicable) and other information. Northwestern Mutual may utilize information from the owner's driver's license, other government issued identification or other means, including third party sources, to verify identity.

Policy/Contract Form Numbers for Corporate Website

State Variations to the form numbers may apply. Not all policies/contracts are available in every state.

Life Insurance Policy Forms

Permanent: 90 Life ~ ICC15.TT.WL.(0715), 65 Life ~ ICC15.TT.WL.(0715),10 Year Limited Pay Life ~ ICC15.TT.WL.(0715),15 Year Limited Pay Life ~ ICC15.TT.WL.(0715), 20 Year Limited Pay Life ~ ICC15.TT.WL.(0715), 25 Year Limited Pay Life ~ ICC15.TT.WL.(0715), 30 Year Limited Pay Life ~ ICC15.TT.WL.(0715), Single Premium Life ~ ICC12.TT.SPL.(0513)

Term: Term 80 ~ ICC12.TT.TERM.(0513), Term 10 ~ ICC12.TT.TERM.(0513), Level Term 10 ~ ICC12.TT.TERM.(0513), Level Term 20 ~ ICC12.TT.TERM.L20.(0513), One Year Term ~ NN 24 Combination: Adjustable CompLife ~ ICC15.TT.ACL.(0715, Corporate CompLife ~ ICC15.TT.KCL.(0715), ICC15.TT.KCL.5LN.(0715), Estate CompLife ~ ICC12.TT.ECL.(0513), Survivorship CompLife ~ ICC12.TT.SCL.(0513)

General Account Universal Life: Custom Universal Life - Accumulator ~ ICC13.TT.CUL.A.(1113), Survivorship Universal Life ~ ICC13.TT.SUL.(1113), Single Premium Universal Life ~ ICC13.TT.SPUL.(1113), Single Premium Universal Life ~ ICC13.TT.SPUL.P.(1113), Custom Universal Life - Guaranteed ~ ICC12.TT.CUL.G.(0513), Survivorship Universal Life - Guaranteed ~ ICC12.TT.SUL.G.(0513) Variable: Custom Variable Universal Life ~ ICC12.TT.CVUL.(0513), Executive Variable Universal Life ~ ICC12.TT.EVUL.(0513), Survivorship Variable Universal Life ~ ICC12.TT.SVUL.(0513)

Life Insurance Benefits

Early Payment Benefit ~ NN.1.EPB, Accidental Death Benefit ~ NN 1 Life ADB, Indexed Protection Benefit IPB.TERM.(0305), NN 1,2,4,5 WP ~ Waiver of Premium Benefit, Waiver of Specified Monthly Charges (UL & VUL) ~ TT.VUL.UL.SMC.(0107), Waiver of Specified Monthly Premium (UL & VUL) ~ TT.VUL.UL.SMP.(0107), Waiver of Specified Monthly Charges (SUL) ~ TT.SUL.SMC.(0107), Waiver of Specified Monthly Premium (SUL) ~ TT.SUL.SMP.(0107), Additional Purchase Benefit (VUL) ~ TT.VUL.APB.(0107), Waiver of Premium Benefit ~ TT.WP.(0608), Additional Purchase Benefit ~ TT.APB.(0608), Indexed Protection Benefit ~ TT.IPB.(0608), Disability Waiver of Premium Benefit ~ TT.SCL.WP.(0608), Death Waiver of Premium Benefit ~ TT.SCL.SWP.(0608), Policy Split Benefit ~ TT.SCL.PS.(0608), Accelerated Care Benefit for Long-Term Care Services ~ ICC14.TT.ACB.(0415),

Annuity Contract Forms

Fixed: Single Premium Retirement Annuity (1 & 3 year) ~ ICC12.RS.SPRA.(0313), Single Premium Retirement Annuity (5 year) ~ ICC12.RS.SPRA.5.(0313), Single Premium Retirement Annuity (long duration) ~ ICC12.RS.SPRA.LD.(0313), Retirement Annuity Policy ~ NN.RA.(0608) 1, Single Premium Deferred Income Annuity ~ ICC16.NN.DIA.(1116), Single Premium Immediate Annuity ~ ICC11.NN.SPIA.(0511), Single Premium Deferred Income Annuity (Portfolio Based) ~ ICC15.NN.PDIA.(1115), Single Premium Immediate Income Annuity (Portfolio Based) ~ ICC15.NN.PSPIA.(1115),

1For Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey and Texas, form NN.RI.(0608) (Retirement Income Policy) is also available.

Variable: Group Variable Annuity - Account C ~ NPV.1C.(0594), Flexible Payment Variable Annuity - Account A - Front-load version ~ ICC12.RR.VA.AFR.(0313) 1, Flexible Payment Variable Annuity - Account A - Back-load version ~ ICC12.RR.VA.ABK.(0313) 2, Flexible Payment Variable Annuity - Account B - Front-load version ~ ICC12.RR.VA.BFR.(0313) 3, Flexible Payment Variable Annuity - Account B - Back-load version ~ ICC12.RR.VA.BBK.(0313) 4, Flexible Payment Variable Annuity - Account A - Fee Based version ~ ICC12.RR.VA.AFB.(0313) 5, Flexible Payment Variable Annuity - Account C - Network Edition version ~ ICC12.RR.VA.CNE.(0313)

1For New York, the form number is: RR.VA.AFR.NGF.(0313).
2For New York, the form number is: RR.VA.ABK.NGF.(0313).
3For New York, the form number is: RR.VA.BFR.NGF.(0313).
4For New York, the form number is: RR.VA.BBK.NGF.(0313).
5For New York, the form number is: RR.VA.AFB.NGF.(0313).

Annuity Benefits

Deferral Period Death Benefit Amendment ~ ICC16.DIA.DPDB.AMDT.(1116), Deferral Period Death Benefit Amendment ~ ICC15.PDIA.DPDB.AMDT.(1115), Enhanced Death Benefit ~ ICC12.VA.EDB.(0313), Enhanced Death Benefit (Network Edition) ~ ICC12.VA.EDB.CNE.(0313), Exchange Option Amendment ~ ICC15.NN.EO.AMDT.(1115), Waiver of Withdrawal Charge ~ ICC09.VA.WWC.(032000) Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract Amendment ~ ICC15.QLAC.AMDT.(0715), Return of Premium Benefit Amendment ~ ICC15.QLACRP.AMDT.(0316), Waiver of Premium Benefit ~ NN.R.A.WP.(0608), Waiver of Premium Benefit ~ NN.R.I.WP.(0608) 1,

1For Indiana, Minnesota, North Carolina, New Jersey and Texas, form NN.R.I.WP.(0608) (Retirement Income Policy) is also available.

Disability Insurance Policy Forms

Individual: Non-Cancellable Disability Income ~ ICC16.TT.NCDI.(0916), RR.NCDI.(0101)1, TT.NCDI.ML.(0916)2, and TT.NCDI.ML.SN.(0916)2, Guaranteed Renewable Disability Income ~ ICC16.TT.GRDI.(0916), RR.GRDI.(0101)1, TT.GRDI.ML.(0916)2 and TT.GRDI.ML.SN.(0916)2, Disability Overhead Expense ~ ICC16.TT.DOE.(0916)and RR.DOE.(0101)1, Disability Keyperson ~ TT.KEY.(0617)3 and RR.KEY.(0101), Disability Buyout Expense Reimbursement ~ TT.BUY.(0617)3 and RR.BUY.(0101), Interim-Term Disability Income ~ RR.INT.(0101)

1RR.NCDI.(0101), RR.GRDI.(0101) and RR.DOE.(0101) is only available in California.
2TT.NCDI.ML.(0916), TT.NCDI.ML.SN.(0916), TT.GRDI.ML.(0916) and TT.GRDI.ML.SN.(0916) are only available in New York.
3TT.KEY.(0617) and TT. BUY.(0617) filed for approval in all states; implemented on July 12, 2017 in approved states.

Group:  Group Short Term Disability ~ MN 992-STD, Group Long Term Disability ~ MN 992-LTD, Group LTD Conversion ~ MN 992-CONV, Small Group Long Term Disability ~ MN 1096-SGLTD, Small Group Short Term Disability ~ MN 1096-SGSTD

Disability Insurance Benefits

Partial Disability Benefit ~ ICC16.TT.DI.PDB.(0916), Partial Disability Benefit Option ~ ICC16.TT.DI.PDBO.(0916), Additional Purchase Benefit ~ ICC16.TT.DI.APB.(0916), Indexed Income Benefit ~ ICC16.TT.DI.IIB.(0916), Future Increase Benefit ~ ICC16.TT.DI.FIB.(0916), Extended Mental Disorder and Substance Abuse Benefit ~ ICC16.TT.DI.EMB.(0916), Catastrophic Disability Benefit ~ ICC16.TT.DI.CAT.(0916), Medical Own Occupation Option ~ ICC16.TT.DI.MED.(0916), Transitional Own Occupation Option ~ ICC16.TT.DI.TRA.(0916), True Own Occupation Option ~ ICC16.TT.DI.TRU.(0916), Additional Purchase Benefit ~ TT.BUY.APB.(0617)

Long-Term Care Insurance Policy Forms

****UU.LTC.ML.SN.(1014) is only available in New York.

1UU.LTC.SN.(1014) is only available in California.
2ICC14.UU.LTC.(1014) and ICC14.UU.LTC.SN.(1014) are only available in Colorado and New Mexico.
3UU.LTC.ML.(1014) is only available in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.
4UU.LTC.ML.SN.(1014) is only available in New York.
5UU.LTCN.(1014) is only available in Massachusetts.
6UU.LTC.(1014) REV is only available in Montana, Virginia and Utah.
7UU.LTC.(0916) is only available in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kansas, Maryland, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas and Washington.
8UU.LTC.SN.(0916) is only available in Maryland and North Dakota.
9UU.LTC.ML.(0916) is only available in Ohio.

Long-Term Care Insurance Benefit

TT.LTC.ABI.(1010) ~ Automatic Benefit Increase, Automatic Additional Purchase Benefit ~ TT.LTC.APB.(1010), Paid-Up Nonforfeiture Benefit ~ TT.LTC.NFB.(1010), Paid-Up Nonforfeiture/Contingent Benefit ~ TT.LTC.(NFBC.(1010), Survivorship Benefit ~ TT.LTC.SB.(1010)