Not only does June signal the start of summer, but it also means the halfway mark of the year is upon us. So while it’s important to take advantage of all this season has to offer, it’s also a great time to check in on your financial goals to make sure you’re in good financial shape.

And we’re here to help you do just that. Our monthly checklist is designed to help keep your finances on the right track, and identify ways you can enjoy your money now so you can spend your life living. Here are five ways you can improve your finances in June.


Remember those financial goals you set for yourself back in January? We didn’t think so. But with the year approaching the halfway point, it’s time to revisit those goals and make sure you’re on track. If things are going well, congrats! Keep up the good work. And if you aren’t making as much progress as you’d hoped, don’t worry. There are still several months to work with, and you don’t have to take drastic action. These powerful money moves can help you improve your finances five minutes at a time. And if just the thought of finances has you panicking, these tips can help you feel less stressed about your money.


If you haven’t solidified your summer travel plans (it always sneaks up, right?), it’s time for action. One stress-free option is a good old-fashioned staycation — and with a little planning it is possible for it to feel just as relaxing as a real vacation. If there's still a chance to get the whole family together, a cruise can be a great option. These expert tips can help make your time at sea nothing but smooth sailing. And if you’re feeling extra adventurous, these international destinations are both affordable and memorable — and perfect for families. Of course, between camps, summer classes, part-time jobs and myriad other summer activities, it can be difficult to find time when everyone is free. A one-on-one vacation may be the answer, like the ones this mom plans for her kids.


Wedding season is here, and whether you’re planning your own or are enjoying newlywed bliss, you may be forgetting about one important part of the marriage process: getting on the same financial page. Money is a leading cause of friction between couples, so ask these money questions to understand each other’s money philosophy. And this post-wedding checklist will help you start your married life on a strong financial footing. A financial professional can also help you more seamlessly combine your financial lives and plan for a future together. Here are some topics to discuss with a pro.


While most people haven’t thought about taxes since April, small business owners and freelancers should be preparing to file their next installment of quarterly taxes. The deadline is June 15, so don’t wait. If you've been considering taking your side hustle full-time but aren’t sure where to start, here are the financial steps to take before starting your own business. And if you’ve already taken the plunge, these steps can help you take your small business to the next level.


Graduation season is in full swing, and if you still have celebrations to attend, you don’t want to show up empty-handed. These creative gift ideas — from the sentimental to the practical — will create a lasting impression on the graduates in your life. And while college is on the mind, make time to talk to your teen about paying for college so they can prepare in the years leading up to it. Or, if college is several years down the line, check in on your own saving plan. Here’s what to know before you open a 529 college savings plan.

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