We all have our good days and bad days. You know the bad ones, where you come home drained and just want to eat something, veg out and go to sleep. Turns out, some of us have more of those days than others.

New research from Comparably looks at who is most burned out among us and why. The findings show that people in certain departments are more stressed than others. Where you live in the country also seems to play a role. So who is most burned out?

When dealing with others in your company, you may want to cut the execs some slack and be a little nicer to Janet in HR. They topped the list of the most burned out departments:

  • Execs (70 percent)
  • HR (69 percent)
  • Communications (65 percent)
  • Engineering (61 percent)
  • Product (61 percent)
  • Sales (61 percent)
  • Legal (60 percent)
  • Admin (59 percent)
  • Finance (58 percent)
  • Marketing (57 percent)
  • Customer Support (56 percent)
  • IT (56 percent)
  • Operations (55 percent)
  • Design (54 percent)

Where in the country are people most burned out? All over. But it appears the biggest cities (particularly the ones with the worst traffic) tend to have the most burned out workers:

  • Washington, D.C. (63 percent)
  • San Francisco (60 percent)
  • Houston (60 percent)
  • Seattle (59 percent)
  • Los Angeles (58 percent)
  • Boston (58 percent)
  • Atlanta (58 percent)
  • San Diego (58 percent)
  • New York (57 percent)
  • Chicago (57 percent)
  • Dallas (57 percent)
  • Phoenix (57 percent)
  • Denver (56 percent)
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida (55 percent)

People who took part in the survey say their biggest source of workday stress is having unclear goals. Minorities tend to be slightly more burned out than people who are white. And as you approach retirement age, you get more burned out than younger workers.

If you think you're getting burned out at work, first, recognize the signs. Then try making some changes in your personal life to prioritize your own well being, like eating a healthier diet and carving out time for things you enjoy. Be more deliberate about leaving work on time or how connected you really need to be when you leave the office. If you make those changes and still feel burned out, it may be time to find another job.

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