You finally nailed down what you’re getting for your hard-to-shop-for brother, your non-materialistic best friend and even the extended relative you hardly know that you drew for Secret Santa. You’re on track to have your shopping done early this year! That is, until you remember your work crew is also doing an exchange, and you’ve only got a few more days to get it all together.

Well, good news: These amazing (and affordable) picks will thrill your co-workers — and spare your paycheck.


Think you can’t gift something great for less than the price of lunch? Think again. Choose a practical gift the receiver will actually use (bonus if it has some holiday flair) and it’ll seem much more memorable than you’d expect at a low price point, says Laura Jennings, CEO and founder of Knack, a custom gifting site.

I Dew Care sheet mask

I Dew Care Back-to-Basics sheet mask, Urban Outfitters, 2 for $5. Turns out glowy, dewy skin does come in small packages. Choose from a hydrating, brightening, pore-tightening or de-stressing solution. disco ball tumbler

Disco ball tumbler,, $10. This little guy surprisingly holds 20 ounces, so you can help your office bestie stay hydrated in style.

Mr. Coffee mug warmer

Mr. Coffee mug warmer, Amazon, $10. "I wish I had something to keep my coffee / tea / hot beverage of choice warm," said someone other than the recipient of this practical gift.


“Employees are the one category of business gift recipient where gift cards are a reasonable choice,” Jennings says. But if you want to go above and beyond, or if your team’s small enough that you can tailor gifts to each individual, consider these picks.

Moleskine in sapphire blue

Moleskine notebook, Moleskine, $20. For meeting notes, to-dos, dreams, doodles … you name it. Personalize this classic for an extra $5.

Merlot-infused coffee, Uncommon Goods, $20. For the moments when you can’t decide to end a meal with a glass of wine or a cup of joe … why not have both?! This medium roast has a profile of red berry flavors and hints of currants and blackberries. It’s caffeinated, but not alcoholic.

The Sill planter and air plant, West Elm, $20. No green thumb? No problem. These air plants require just a few spritzes of water every now and then. Plus, the minimalist design won’t clutter desktops.


Gifting upwards isn’t required, Jennings says, but if you do, it’ll be appreciated. According to a survey from Knack, the higher up the corporate ladder someone is, the more satisfied they are with their holiday gift. Giving as a group is less awkward and more practical — aim for $10 or less per person.

essential oil diffuser

Essential oil diffuser and humidifier, Amazon, $24 to $27. Give the gift of calm — and comfort. Choose from an all-white device or one with a wood grain base for a little extra flair.

State-scented candle, Homesick Candles, $30. The cliché candle gift — but with a twist. Each candle captures the scents of a specific state (think apple orchards for New York, sea breezes for California or spruce needles for Colorado) and burns up to 80 hours.


Be the genius behind the gift that gets stolen most.

Fatty Sundays peppermint chocolate-covered pretzels

Peppermint chocolate-covered pretzels, Fatty Sundays, $4. Go ahead and steal this sweet treat for yourself — we won't tell.

Mario Badescu facial spray

Mario Badescu facial spray, Ulta, $5. Choose from three hydrating options to spritz, glow and go.

adulting sticker pack

Adulting sticker pack, Etsy, $2. Did you eat something leafy today? Pick up the phone and talked to another human? Congrats — you deserve a sticker.

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