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They seem like three simple words. Live Life Differently. And yes, they have different meanings for different people. But for us, this phrase has a specific meaning. It means having the courage and confidence that comes from living with financial security.   

But how do you do that? Well, that’s what you will find here. While millions are living with financial anxiety or a false sense of security, the people spotlighted here are on a different path. You’ll find stories showing the benefits of working with a trusted advisor, starting with a plan, and taking a whole-picture approach to financial security—focusing on growing wealth through investments while protecting what matters most with insurance.

Unfortunately, many in the financial services industry don’t help with an “invest-only” approach to financial security. That’s why Northwestern Mutual believes it’s important—vital—to help you protect and grow to achieve your long-term goals.  

What happens when you are financially secure? What happens when you replace doubt with confidence and can enjoy today, knowing you’ve planned for tomorrow? Well, you may resemble the people you’ll see here. These are people we know. These are people our financial advisors have worked with through good times and bad.  

This site celebrates people like you—their accomplishments and their futures. They are from different backgrounds and have different goals, but they all started with customized plans and acted on them. As we guided them, we also learned from them. We think you will, too. We hope you will be inspired to …

… yes …

Live Life Differently.