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We’re excited to be the official financial planning partner of this year’s NCAA® March Madness®. While you might not think there’s a connection between financial planning and basketball, there’s actually a strong tie.

Imagine if a basketball team played offense only. They wouldn’t get very far, would they? To win the game, the team has to be focused on offense and defense.

This is true when it comes to your personal finances as well. Many companies focus only on offense. They take an “invest-only” approach to financial security. Picture that in terms of basketball: You’d be pretty confident that you’d score a lot of points—but you’d be pretty nervous about what’s happening at the other end of the court and whether you’ll actually win the game.

Now imagine you add a great defense to your strong offense. You’re focused on the whole game. When your offense and defense work together, you’re more confident about your ability to win.

At Northwestern Mutual, that’s what we bring to financial planning: a whole-picture approach.

We say, “Protect and grow.” We’ll help you find out what you truly want and design a financial plan to go get it. The plan includes a strong defense—insurance to protect the things that matter most. Then we include offense, investments to grow wealth for the future. The plan shows you how both work together to help you reach your goals.

Here’s a great example. Dr. Bill Walker—a Northwestern Mutual client—can no longer work because of a disability. But his financial plan is still on track. His family lives in the same home, his children still go to the same schools, and he will retire and do all the things he and his wife imagined. That’s because the disability income insurance included in his plan now pays him monthly income to keep his plan on track.

Had Dr. Walker taken an invest-only approach, he likely would have been dipping into his savings to pay his family’s expenses. But because he is still getting a monthly check from his disability income insurance, he’s not dipping into his savings. In fact, he’s continuing to save for his retirement. Because he had a good defense, he’s still able to focus on his offense.

If you’re on the invest-only track, you have to worry about the ‘what if?’ When you have a plan that includes your whole picture, you can live your life more confidently. You can Live Life Differently®.

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