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Northwestern Mutual Launches Resource Center for Physicians and Dentists

MILWAUKEE (BUSINESS WIRE), August 19, 2010 - To promote greater awareness about disability income insurance (DI) among physicians and dentists, Northwestern Mutual has launched the Disability Income Insurance Knowledge Center, an online resource for medical professionals.

“Most in the medical community have considered what would happen to their income, their families and their careers if they were to become ill or injured and unable to work,” said Steve Frankl, director of DI Sales at Northwestern Mutual. “What many haven’t considered is what will happen at the time of claim, and what it means to be ‘totally disabled.’ The DI Knowledge Center aims to educate physicians and dentists about their DI policies so they can make informed decisions about the coverage they own.”

The DI Knowledge Center consists of two online tools intended to shed light on common misperceptions and allow medical professionals to explore their own personal situation:

  • The DI Checkup is a diagnostic tool that asks users to enter information that reflects the duties and income of their current practice, or explore future scenarios, and illustrates differences between typical “own occupation” disability coverage and Northwestern Mutual’s Medical Occupation Definition of total disability.
  • The Fact or Fiction quiz allows physicians and dentists to test their knowledge of disability income insurance, and find out whether their expectations match reality.

“No one can predict if or when a disability or illness may occur; what we can do is cushion ourselves and our family from the financial consequences,” continued Frankl. “We encourage physicians and dentists to work with a trusted financial professional who can explain the benefits of disability coverage and walk you through the details of your policy so you’re well-prepared for the unexpected.”

If you are a physician or dentist and are interested in learning more, Northwestern Mutual encourages you to use the following resources:

  • Visit Northwestern Mutual’s DI website
  • View a short online presentation about Northwestern Mutual’s Medical Occupation Definition
  • Contact a Northwestern Mutual financial representative

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