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Young Americans Say They Need Millions to Retire

Who needs to be a millionaire? Most young adults think they'll need to be millionaires before they retire, according to a new poll by the Northwestern Mutual Foundation's financial literacy Web site,

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Visitors to the site were asked how much money they would need to have saved in order to retire. More than four out of five respondents (about 85 percent) aged 18 to 29 said they would need at least $1 million, and almost half (45 percent) said they would need at least $2 million. In comparison, only 60 percent of adults aged 30 and up thought they would need to save $1 million, and only 27 percent thought they would need at least $2 million.

"While today's adults think they'll need one nest egg to retire, young people think they'll need a baker's dozen," said Meridee Maynard, financial literacy expert and senior vice president, Northwestern Mutual. "In contrast to their older counterparts, young adults see a need to save more for retirement, which is wise given this generation is expected to live longer than any in history."

Over the past century, the average lifespan of people in the United States lengthened by more than 30 years(i). In late August, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that U.S. life expectancy had reached an all-time high, climbing to 77.9 years in 2007(ii). The U.S. Census Bureau projects life expectancy will exceed 79 years by the year 2015(iii), and new mortality tables indicate that some Americans could even live until the age of 121(iv).

"The phrase 'life goes on' is quickly becoming 'life goes on and on and on,'" said Maynard. "Young people may spend more time and money in retirement, but fortunately, they also have time to prepare. Knowledge is power -- people who identify their savings goals today are better able to achieve financial security tomorrow."

Women Expect Longer Life, But Plan to Save the Same Amount as Men poll also found that women expect to live longer than their male counterparts, and yet their goals for retirement savings are almost exactly the same.

Almost 65 percent of women expected to live to at least 86 years old, compared to only 50 percent of men. However, when asked about retirement savings goals, answers offered by women and men were nearly identical. About 30% of both men and women said they wouldn't need more than $1 million, 70% said they would need more than $1 million, and about 40% said they would need more than $2 million.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that life expectancy for American women is about five years longer than it is for men(v).

"It is critical for women to start early and take control of their long term financial security," Maynard said. "On average, women live longer than men, and that means they'll spend more time and potentially more money in retirement."

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  Online Calculators Offer Learning Opportunities

How long will you live? How much will you need to save? How long does it take to become a millionaire? Northwestern Mutual offers three online calculators to help people to answer these important questions and prepare for a more secure financial future.

  --  The Lifespan Calculator, using the latest information from the
      National Center for Health Statistics(vi), considers 13 lifestyle
      factors including diet, drinking, smoking and stress to estimate life
  --  The Retirement Savings Calculator helps users estimate how much they
      may need to save to maintain their lifestyle in retirement.

  --'s When Will You Be a Millionaire helps people to estimate
      how long it might take to become a millionaire while using different
      savings plans.

  About Poll

From July through September 2009, visitors to the financial literacy Web site were invited to answer two questions linking retirement savings and life expectancy projections. A combined total of more than 1,200 respondents nationwide provided insight into their expectations for retirement, and the results were then analyzed based on several demographic factors including the age, gender and location of respondents.

This poll marks the seventh in an ongoing series of polls by, with the aim of bringing continued awareness to financial literacy issues. Poll results are archived on the site and can be viewed at

Launched in 1997, is a collaboration between the Northwestern Mutual Foundation, the charitable arm of Northwestern Mutual, and the National Council on Economic Education (NCEE). The site provides fun activities, games, challenges, quizzes and tests for students and teens, helpful tips for parents, and entertaining programs and lesson plans for teachers to promote financial literacy.

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