Northwestern Mutual extends our care and concern for people impacted by the recent hurricane disasters.

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Northwestern Mutual Series Fund Inc.

Summary Prospectuses (PDF)

Growth Stock Portfolio International Growth Portfolio
Focused Appreciation Portfolio Research International Core Portfolio
Large Cap Core Stock Portfolio International Equity Portfolio
Large Cap Blend Portfolio Emerging Markets Equity Portfolio
Index 500 Stock Portfolio Government Money Market Portfolio
Large Company Value Portfolio Short–Term Bond Portfolio
Domestic Equity Portfolio Select Bond Portfolio
Equity Income Portfolio Long–Term U.S. Government Bond Portfolio
Mid Cap Growth Stock Portfolio Inflation Protection Portfolio
Index 400 Stock Portfolio High Yield Bond Portfolio
Mid Cap Value Portfolio Multi-Sector Bond Portfolio
Small Cap Growth Stock Portfolio Balanced Portfolio
Index 600 Stock Portfolio Asset Allocation Portfolio
Small Cap Value Portfolio  



Additional Documents

Statutory Prospectus Statement of Additional Information (SAI)
Annual Report-12/31 Semi-Annual Report-6/30
Form NQ - 3/31/2017  


XBRL (.zip)

XBRL Large Cap Core Stock and Mid Cap Growth Stock Portfolios Supplement