Northwestern Mutual

Equity Income Fund

Fund Overview
Adviser: Mason Street Advisors, LLC
Subadviser: T. Rowe Price Associates, Inc.
Objective/Focus: Seeks companies that appear to be undervalued by various measures but have good prospects for capital appreciation and dividend growth. The fund will normally invest at least 80% of net assets in common stocks, with a focus on companies paying above-average dividends. The objective is long-term growth of capital and income.
Asset Class: Large-Cap Stocks
Style: Value
Fund Facts as of 06/30/15
Fund Inception 05-01-2003
First Available for Variable Annuity 05-01-2003
First Available for Variable Life 05-01-2003
Net Assets $786.38 Million
Top 10 Portfolio Holdings % of Net Assets
JPMorgan Chase & Co. 3.2%
General Electric Co. 3.1%
Wells Fargo & Co. 2.4%
U.S. Bancorp 1.9%
Bank of America Corp. 1.9%
PNC Financial Services Group, Inc. 1.8%
Chevron Corp. 1.8%
Johnson & Johnson 1.7%
Exxon Mobil Corp. 1.7%
AT&T, Inc. 1.6%
Total % of Net Assets 21.1%
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Sector Weightings % of Equities
Financials 22.2%
Industrials 14.2%
Consumer Discretionary
Information Technology 10.7%