Northwestern Mutual

Fidelity® VIP Mid Cap Portfolio Fund

Fund Overview
Adviser: Fidelity Management & Research Company
Subadviser: FRM Co., Inc.
Objective/Focus: Primarily securities of domestic or foreign companies with medium market capitalizations. May invest in either growth stocks or value stocks. The objective is long-term growth of capital.
Asset Class: Mid-Cap Stocks
Style: Blend
Overseas investments can pose more risks than domestic investments. Unit values are subject to fluctuations in foreign stock markets, currency values, interest rates, government regulations and political conditions.
Investing in small company stocks involves a greater degree of risk than investing in medium or large company stocks.
Investing in medium company stocks involves a greater degree of risk than investing in large company stocks.
Fund Facts as of 12/31/16
Fund Inception 12-28-1998
First Available for Variable Annuity 05-01-2003
First Available for Variable Life 05-01-2003
Net Assets $8.24 Billion
Top 10 Portfolio Holdings  
Reinsurance Group of America  
Electronic Arts, Inc.
Essent Group, Ltd.  
SLM Corp.  
S&P Global, Inc.  
Boston Scientific Corp.  
Belden, Inc.  
United Therapeutics Corp. Del  
Spirit Airlines, Inc.  
Global Payments, Inc.
Total % of Total Portfolio 10.4%
Sector Weightings % of Equities
Information Technology 22.8%
Financials 20.0%
Health Care
Consumer Discretionary