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Retirement Income Now: Immediate Annuities

Turn your savings into guaranteed retirement income that you can’t outlive with an immediate annuity from Northwestern Mutual.

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If you’re retired or are planning to retire soon, the question foremost on your mind is probably this: Have I saved enough to enjoy retirement without worrying about running out of money?

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An income annuity from Northwestern Mutual provides guaranteed1, predictable income that you can’t outlive. When you purchase an immediate annuity with a retirement or personal savings account, we turn it into a reliable, lifelong retirement income stream you can count on. You choose an annuity based on whether you want a payment that is fixed, increases by a specific percentage each year, or has the potential to go up through dividends2—an exclusive option available only from Northwestern Mutual.

You can retire with confidence when you choose one of these immediate annuity options:

Select™ Immediate Income Annuities - turns your retirement savings into a dependable income stream that you can’t outlive.

Select™ Portfolio Immediate Income Annuity - turns your retirement savings into a dependable income stream with the potential for growth through dividends.

Immediate Income Plans - options to create a guaranteed, predictable stream of retirement income from your immediate annuity.

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