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Variable Income Plans

Choose how to convert your variable annuity into retirement income with a variable income plan.

What is an income plan?

Your strategy for taking income distributions from your retirement savings is just as important as your strategy for accumulating those savings throughout your career. When you purchase a deferred variable annuity, you can withdraw all or part of your money at retirement or take advantage of an income plan.

What is a variable income plan?

A variable income plan is available for owners of a Variable Annuity

When you purchase a deferred variable annuity, you can withdraw all or part of your money at retirement in a lump sum or receive a stream of payments in the form of an income plan. The variable income plan from Northwestern Mutual takes advantage of professional money management of a variety of fund families that fit different investment styles and goals. With a variable income plan, your payments will fluctuate according to the investment performance of the funds you've chosen. The amount of your payments is not guaranteed: You have the potential to benefit from investment gains, but you also assume the risk of investment losses.

The variable income plan may be right for you if you have a variable annuity and are seeking a hedge against inflation or increasing health care costs as you age, and you are willing to accept some market risk.

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