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Retirement Savings: Income Later

Boost your retirement savings with the tax-deferred growth of a deferred annuity from Northwestern Mutual.

Retirement Income Later

Looking to build your retirement savings so you can reach your retirement goals? A deferred annuity from Northwestern Mutual lets you put aside money for retirement while taking advantage of tax-deferred growth. 

At some time in the future, you can convert the money you paid for the annuity into a lifelong retirement income stream. With Northwestern Mutual, you also have an exclusive option to choose income payments that can grow over time through the potential for dividends.1

A variety of deferred annuities and income plans can provide future income in retirement and suit your goals, time frame, risk tolerance and family situation. Find out more about our:

Select™ Portfolio Deferred Income Annuity – provides guaranteed income that lasts as long as you live and can increase through potential dividends.

Select™ Deferred Income Annuity – provides guaranteed, predictable retirement income stream that will last a lifetime.

Select™ Variable Annuity – provides flexibility with a variety of investment fund options.

Select™ Fixed Annuity – provides tax-deferred growth and a competitive fixed rate of return.

Portfolio Deferred Income Plans – provides a guaranteed retirement income stream for life with the potential for growth through dividends.

Qualified Longevity Annuity Contract (QLAC ) – provides guaranteed lifetime income with the ability to postpone taking a portion of your required minimum distributions until a later date.

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The Northwestern Mutual Difference

When entrusting your hard-earned savings to an annuity, you want to make sure it’s backed by a company that’s earned a reputation for stability and strength. Northwestern Mutual consistently receives the highest ratings for financial strength.2