Northwestern Mutual

Select™ Variable Annuity

Enhance and diversify your retirement savings plan with a tax-deferred Select™ Variable Annuity.

What is a Select Variable Annuity?

When accumulating savings for your retirement, you know that saving in a tax-deferred account lets you save more over time and get the most benefit from the power of compounding. The Select Variable Annuity from Northwestern Mutual provides an additional way to save money for retirement and enjoy tax-deferred growth.1 You can start with a small balance and make additional payments over time or roll over funds from other retirement savings plans. Either way, the Select Variable Annuity offers investment choices that provide you the opportunity to engage a select team of investment professionals at Northwestern Mutual.

When you’re ready to retire, you can receive income through either withdrawals or as a lifetime income plan that you can’t outlive.

Is a Select Variable Annuity right for you?

This variable annuity may be right for you if you:

  • Have contributed the maximum allowed to your 401(k), 403(b), or IRA and would like the potential for additional tax-deferred growth with your savings or taxable investments.
  • Want to take advantage of the potential for tax-deferred growth for funds that don’t qualify for other retirement accounts.
  • Are looking for fee-free, tax-free transfers among a wide range of diverse, professionally managed investment funds including:
    • Fixed, bond, equity, international, emerging market and real estate funds
    • Hybrid and specialty funds
    • Active and passive (index) managed funds
    • Value, growth and blended styles
    • Small-, mid- and large-cap equities
  • Want the option to simplify your fund selection by choosing a prepackaged solution for an asset allocation model that matches your risk tolerance and investment time horizon.
  • Are interested in automatic portfolio rebalancing to maintain your desired asset allocation and ensure that your investment best meets your overall financial objectives.

Our exclusive fee options save you money.

The Select Variable Annuity offers you two purchase options for maximum flexibility and cost savings:

  • With the front-load design, you pay the sales charge up front, but your annual expense charges will be lower and you’ll have access to your funds with no withdrawal charges.1
  • The back-load design lets you put 100 percent of your money to work for you right away, but it is subject to withdrawal charges and higher costs initially.
  • Northwestern Mutual is one of the few companies that provide a unique conversion feature. When you purchase the back-load plan, we’ll convert you to front-load pricing once we have covered our expenses — sometimes in as little as a few years, depending on the value of your annuity.2 This conversion feature helps you reduce your mortality and expense costs and may enhance the long-term value of your annuity.

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