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Your ability to earn a living is your most valuable financial asset. It's what you rely on to maintain your lifestyle today, and what you need to achieve your goals for the future. Disability income insurance can help you protect both.

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What Is Disability Insurance?

Disability income insurance replaces a portion of your income if you become injured or ill and unable to work. For those who are young and healthy, it’s hard to envision a sickness or injury interrupting your ability to earn a living. But one of every four employees will be disabled for three months or more at some point during their career.1

If your employer offers a comprehensive package of benefits, you may have access to group disability income insurance at work. Most group plans cover short-term disability (typically six months to two years) and may also include long-term disability. And that's a great starting point. But it may not be enough, because most group plans:

  • Cover only a portion of your base income (typically 50-60 percent).
  • Deliver benefits that are usually subject to income tax.
  • End when you leave the company.

To further protect yourself and others who rely on your income, you may want to consider supplementing your group coverage with individual long-term disability insurance.

How Disability Insurance Works

Individual long-term disability insurance helps to close the gap between what’s covered by your employer’s group policy and your monthly take-home pay. If a disability were to keep you from working, the coverage provided by a supplemental individual insurance policy will help you:

  • Better maintain your current standard of living. You won’t have to worry about keeping up with your bills or making sacrifices, like giving up your gym membership or canceling piano lessons for the kids. (Plus, if you pay policy premiums with after-tax dollars, benefits will be paid to you income tax free.)

Use this disability insurance calculator to learn how supplemental disability income insurance can help you.

See the impact a disability could have on your ability to meet your living expenses and how disability income insurance could help you stay on track to financial security.

Many employers provide this coverage at no cost to you. Not sure if you have this benefit? Ask your supervisor or human resources department.

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An individual policy also allows you to remain covered for all of your working years. Unlike employer-provided group coverage, you own your individual long-term disability insurance policy. So it moves with you if you change jobs, it covers you between jobs and it provides critically needed income protection if you strike out on your own and become (or are already) self-employed.

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