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Disability Income Insurance Basics

Disability income insurance can provide financial stability and protection in the event an unexpected injury or illness keeps you from working. 

Disability Income Insurance Basics Minimize Accident or Illness

Disability income insurance does what no other form of insurance specifically can do: protect your ability to earn an income. If you found yourself suddenly unable to work because of illness or injury, disability income insurance can help you maintain your lifestyle and preserve your savings for other long-term needs.

1 in 4 employees will be disabled for three or months during their careers

Disability income insurance from Northwestern Mutual is designed to:

  • Replace a portion of your income to help you meet current expenses.
  • Pay benefits for a predetermined number of years (until you either return to work or reach retirement age).
  • Provide benefits that are free from income taxes, assuming you pay your premiums with after-tax dollars. 
  • Complement any group short- or long-term disability plan you may have through your employer. 
  • Go with you; you own the policy and can keep it no matter where you work, as long as you continue to pay premiums. 

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