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Students, Residents and Fellows: Protect Your Future Earnings

If you're a medical or dental student who is not yet earning a salary, or a resident or fellow earning a starting salary, your income will grow significantly. With Northwestern Mutual, you can obtain disability income insurance today to cover your future earnings.

Future Earnings Illustration
If you are a: You could obtain coverage for monthly benefits up to:
1st- or 2nd-year Medical or Dental Student $1,000
3rd- or 4th- year Medical or Dental Student $2,500
Resident / Fellow — Medical $6,000
Resident / Fellow — Dental $4,000
Beginning Professional — MD/DO $8,000
Beginning Professional — DDS $7,000

Resident Protector: Added Protection for Residents and Fellows

As part of Northwestern Mutual's Medical Own Occupation Definition of Total Disability, residents and fellows can choose to protect more of their future earnings with an option called Resident Protector.

Under Resident Protector, if you became totally disabled during your residency or fellowship, your disability benefits would be calculated at four times your current salary — a more accurate reflection of your future income. So, if you earn $60,000 a year today and became disabled tomorrow, you could receive benefits based on a future income of $240,000.

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