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Who Needs Disability Insurance?

Your ability to earn a living is your most valuable financial asset. It's what you rely on to maintain your lifestyle today, and what you need to achieve your goals for the future. Disability income insurance can help you protect both.

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Many people think of disability income (DI) insurance as a way for families to protect the financial contributions of a primary breadwinner who works outside the home. But with Northwestern Mutual individual disability income insurance, you can protect the unique contributions made by each person in the family, including:

  • Full-time workers: Coverage for those who work more than 30 hours a week
  • Stay-at-home spouses or companions: Coverage for those who keep the household running smoothly by providing services such as daycare, meal preparation and transportation
  • Part-time workers: Coverage for those who work between 15 and 30 hours per week
  • High-income earners: Coverage for those who want an added layer of income protection beyond what is typically available

You insure your home, your car and even your cellphone. Why not your income and lifestyle? Whether you work full or part time, your income is worth protecting. And if you stay at home, the value of the work you do is worth protecting, too.

Is DI right for me?

You can customize your coverage to meet your unique circumstances and goals by taking advantage of policy options and features offered by Northwestern Mutual.

  • Additional purchase benefit: Gives policyowners the ability to buy additional disability income insurance to keep up with income increases in the future, without additional medical or occupational underwriting
  • Inflation protection: Adjusts your level of disability income protection to help you keep pace with increases in the cost of living
  • Partial disability benefit option: Gives part-time workers and stay-at-home spouses/companions (who are typically covered only in the event of a total disability) the opportunity to expand their coverage (to include partial disability) if they take a full-time job
  • Catastrophic benefit: Creates an additional layer of income protection in addition to your base benefit, offering 100 percent of your pre-disability income in the event of a severe physical or cognitive disability
  • A specialized definition of total disability designed for doctors and dentists: Recognizes the unique needs of medical professionals, giving them more flexibility and choice when faced with a disability

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