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Investment Advisory Programs

Get personalized wealth management and investment strategies with customized one-on-one service from the experienced investment professionals at Northwestern Mutual.

Investment Advisory Services

Why choose Investment Advisory Programs from Northwestern Mutual?

Once you have accumulated a significant amount of assets to invest, you may want more personalized expertise to help you manage your wealth and investment portfolio. That's where Northwestern Mutual's Signature Advisory Programs can help. Our programs help you maneuver through the complexities of investing, tax efficiency and preserving and protecting your wealth.

How does the advisory process work?

Your financial advisor will work closely with you throughout the advisory process, which includes:

  • Completing a personalized investment profile to identify your goals, time horizon, income needs and risk tolerance.
  • Collaborating on an investment policy statement, including your custom wealth management and asset allocation strategy. 
  • Selecting investment solutions based on the advisory program that best meets your needs. 
  • Reviewing and monitoring your account to accommodate any changes in your personal and financial situation and to ensure that your portfolio continues to align with your investment policy statement. 

Our Signature Advisory Programs:

  • Signature Annuities combines the benefits of a tax-deferred variable annuity with the expert guidance and personal service of a financial advisor.

  • Signature Choice offers expert guidance in creating a custom portfolio of mutual funds, exchange traded funds, stocks and fixed income securities to suit your specific circumstances. 

  • Signature Managed Accounts gives you access to highly customized investment portfolios of individual securities, managed by select third-party asset managers.

  • Signature Portfolios provides diversified model portfolios of mutual funds and exchange traded funds with regular portfolio rebalancing.

  • Signature Retirement addresses three key retirement goals. Our strategy can help you create a stream of reliable income to meet living expenses, protect your retirement savings, and leave a legacy to your loved ones or charity. 

If you have assets exceeding $1 million, please consider our Private Client Services.

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