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Private Client Services

Get personalized attention and flexible investment management through Private Client Services with Northwestern Mutual. 

Private Client Services

What is offered by Private Client Services?

Private Client Services offers a discretionary, flexible portfolio management solution for high-net-worth individuals. Your Northwestern Mutual advisor will work with you to help identify your goals, objectives and unique circumstances. Using that information, the Private Client Services investment team will use a combination of individual securities and other investment vehicles to personally manage your assets.

Is Private Client Services right for you?

Private Client Services might be a good choice if you:

  • Want to take advantage of the experience and expertise discretionary investment management can offer.
  • Don't have the time or interest in managing a portfolio.
  • Have a complex situation requiring a tailored transition plan with existing investment accounts.
  • Have experienced a monetizing event such as the sale of a business, sale of investment assets, retirement, inheritance or an insurance distribution.
  • Desire a responsive  investment solution for a surviving spouse and heirs.
  • Desire tax-efficient investment management.
  • Hold legacy or low-basis positions, concentrated holdings, restricted securities or illiquid investments.

A Flexible Solution

Private Client Services accounts are managed according to the Northwestern Mutual investment philosophy. We believe that diversified portfolios, both within and across asset classes, offer the most reliable approach for gaining market exposure that consistently reflects capital market behavior.

Depending on your unique needs, our investment team's approach might include:

  • Large cap core equity strategy utilizing individual equity securities. This strategy is used to help maximize efficient tax management, to address specific investment objectives through customization, to facilitate the transition of existing assets and to lower the overall cost of portfolio management.
  • A municipal fixed income strategy, which manages individual municipal securities in order to lower the overall cost of portfolio management.
  • Mutual funds when an active management strategy has the most potential to add value.
  • Exchange-traded funds, which allow the portfolio to gain exposure to certain asset classes.

Is a minimum portfolio size required for Private Client Services?

Individuals who are looking to invest $1 million or more will find the greatest benefit to working with our Private Client Services team. 

If you are still working on accumulating wealth, you may benefit from our Signature Advisory Services.