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Do you want protection and value that lasts a lifetime? CompLife® insurance from Northwestern Mutual combines a base of permanent life insurance with optional term coverage to meet your specific needs.

Are you trying to decide which is right for you: permanent or term life insurance? CompLife from Northwestern Mutual may be a good option.

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Permanent life insurance offers attractive benefits, including lifelong protection and the ability to build cash value that grows tax deferred and can become a source of funding you can utilize to help meet your financial goals.1

Term life insurance does not build cash value but offers different advantages, such as the ability to secure high levels of temporary protection, which is typically more affordable than permanent life insurance.

CompLife from Northwestern Mutual combines the best of both options to provide the right blend of coverage and cost to meet your specific needs.

Here’s How CompLife Works:

  • CompLife combines a base of permanent life insurance with optional term life insurance to help you create a protection plan that’s uniquely yours.
  • The permanent and term components within a CompLife policy can be combined in almost any proportion to meet your unique needs and budget.
  • Your premium payments will vary depending on the proportion of permanent and term insurance coverage you choose.
  • You have the option to increase your permanent life insurance value by paying additional premiums.2
  • CompLife also enables you to build cash value that grows tax deferred and can become a source of funding you can utilize to help meet your financial goals.1
  • You may also earn dividends3, which will be used to gradually replace any term portion of your policy with additional permanent life insurance.

Is CompLife Right For You?

CompLife insurance can be an effective choice if you want:

  • Flexible life insurance protection that can adapt to your changing needs.
  • Affordable coverage that enables you to build permanent life insurance protection for the future while ensuring your short-term needs are covered, as well.
  • Protection to preserve the value of an estate or business.
  • Coverage that enables you to provide for dependents with special needs.

A Policy to Meet Your Unique Needs

Northwestern Mutual provides the following CompLife policies:

  • Adjustable CompLife combines whole life insurance with a term component. An Adjustable CompLife policy includes a guaranteed period of time over which premiums will not increase.
  • Estate CompLife is similar to Adjustable CompLife, but offers a lower premium which may increase based on dividends.
  • Survivorship CompLife is similar to Estate CompLife, but insures two lives, generally for less than the cost of two individual polices, with benefit payable at the second death.

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