Northwestern Mutual

Universal Life Insurance

Take control of your protection needs, now and in the future, with universal life insurance from Northwestern Mutual.

What Is Universal Life Insurance?

Life doesn’t always unfold according to plan. Universal life insurance from Northwestern Mutual provides a high degree of flexibility to meet your changing financial goals.

Universal life insurance combines the benefits of permanent life insurance and its ability to build equity, or cash value, with the convenience of adjustable death benefit as well as premiums and payment schedules to meet both your insurance and financial goals.

Is Universal Life Insurance Right for You?

Universal life insurance may be a good choice if you want:

  • Protection designed to last your entire lifetime.
  • The potential to build equity – or cash value – that grows tax deferred and becomes a source of funding you can utilize to help meet your financial goals.1
  • The ability to change the amount of life insurance protection you want (within limits).
  • To control the amount and frequency of your payments, subject to policy minimums. (While premiums are flexible, the amount of your payments will have a direct effect on the amount of equity – or cash value – in your policy and the ability to maintain coverage in the future.)

Northwestern Mutual offers a choice of universal life policies.

Custom Universal Life (CUL) – Accumulator. CUL Accumulator gives you the highest flexibility when it comes to choosing your death benefit and premium payment schedule, providing:

  • The ability to meet a wide array of insurance objectives, from the most basic to the most complex.
  • Flexibility to match your protection to your needs, whatever they may be down the road.
  • The ability to build equity – or cash value – that grows tax deferred and becomes a source of funding you can access to help meet your financial goals.1

Single Premium UL lets you use a lump-sum payment from an inheritance, bonus or other source to purchase a permanent life insurance policy and provide your heirs with an income-tax-free lump-sum payment (death benefit) that can be several times larger than your one-time premium payment.2

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