Most of us have some sort of debt. And paying it off can often feel … well … impossible. But here’s how you can take control.

First, prioritize your debts. While you have to make payments on all the money you owe, look at where you’re paying the highest interest rate. Pay down that debt first. Then take every dollar you were putting toward that debt and add it to the next. This way you’ll pay less in interest.

Next, automate your payments so they come out of your bank account—on time, every time. Just think … no more late fees or interest charges.

Ok, now let’s talk student loans. Did you know you have options for repayment? You may be able to make payments based on your income—paying less now but more as you advance in your career. If you have more than one loan at various interest rates, look into consolidating them into a single loan. You might even be eligible for debt forgiveness.

Finally, focus on your spending. Hold yourself to a monthly budget. Download a budgeting app so you can see where your money goes. Then try to cut costs where you can, and put any extra money you have toward paying off your debts faster.

See … you can pay down your debt. It just takes a little planning. And you don’t have to do it alone. Talk to a Northwestern Mutual financial advisor to help you live life differently.