Financial Planning: 5 Ways to Make Your Money Work for You

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When I was going to college the ginseng market wasn't that great. It was in the late 90's and there wasn't really a reason to come back and farm.

We talk a little bit, not a whole lot. Certainly, he has his own interests and career plan, but I was getting old, too, and said something has to be done.

I think in the back of his mind he always hoped that I would come back home, and so when I did, he was very happy about it.

He's smarter, he knows how to manage things better, finance or whatever, which is my weak point.

Paul is very 'if you need it go, go buy it.' Will is a little bit tighter with the with the cash flow, but at the same time Will allows you to see the big picture more, so you understand why you have to be.

I grew up on the farm, I grew up working on the farm.

I have a lot to learn. He has 40 years of experience and I have a little bit, you know, growing up, but only 4 or 5 years more recently, but right now the benefit is he gets to work on the things he enjoys and he's passionate about and I can take care of things like the paperwork and the details, it really puts me in the right position to lead in the future. Kind of being his right hand man to make sure that everything gets done the way that he or my mom would want it done, as part of their legacy.

Our family has had a fairly long relationship with Northwestern Mutual. My dad has had a whole life policy with them for many years. I would say it's very difficult for Chinese people in general to talk about financial planning, especially estate planning because it means you're talking about death, and you don't talk about death because it's unlucky and it's misfortune to talk about that because the idea has always been traditionally and, you know, I might be a living example of that, is where you pass all the wealth to the eldest male heir. Northwestern Mutual has been really helpful in terms of thinking about estate planning, tax planning, but more so just financial planning for our family.

Well, Will can do better than me, so I'm just only the beginner. I just started laying the foundation and he can build up on top of it, so.

He laid a great foundation for those of us who followed to build on. Pretty amazing guy. You know, first generation immigrant to the United States to build something like this. I think it's pretty impressive.