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It's time to stop thinking about economic uncertainty and start embracing long-term predictability. You can start building a better financial future with Northwestern Mutual. Our permanent life insurance:

  • Provides protection to last as long as you need it to, perhaps a lifetime.
  • Helps ensure a child or grandchild can attend the college of their choice.
  • Accumulates money to supplement your retirement income.


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Permanent Life Insurance Overview

Permanent life insurance (sometimes referred to as whole life insurance) provides protection for your entire lifetime in most cases.

No matter when you die, as long as your premiums are paid, your beneficiaries will receive the proceeds, generally income tax free. Permanent life insurance is intended to meet long-term needs and has level premiums and a cash value that grows tax deferred.

Northwestern Mutual’s permanent life insurance policies are eligible for annual dividends* which can be added to your cash value and also grow tax deferred.

Dividends can be used to:

  • Reduce your out-of-pocket premium payments.
  • Increase your total death benefit which keeps your coverage growing as your needs increase, without increasing your premium.

Permanent life insurance works best when the insurance need is long-term. With a guaranteed death benefit that will not decrease and a premium guaranteed not to increase, permanent life insurance can be less costly than term insurance.

Premiums will be higher on a permanent life insurance policy but the premiums contribute to the growth of the policy’s cash value – which can be accessed to help pay for college or to supplement a retirement income.

Permanent life insurance is flexible and gives you a series of options that can be changed as your life changes. You could even choose to stop paying premiums and change your policy to paid-up. Permanent life insurance allows you to make choices that fit best with your life.

When to Use Permanent Life Insurance

  • You want protection to last as long as you need it, perhaps a lifetime.
  • When you want a good foundation of traditional insurance.
  • You can commit to paying an ongoing level premium.
  • Strong policy guarantees.**
  • Build cash values with a conservative approach.
  • Eligible for Northwestern Mutual dividends. *
  • Option to change your policy to “paid-up.”

*Dividends are not guaranteed, but have been paid every year since 1872.
**Guarantees are based on the claims-paying ability of Northwestern Mutual.

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Long Term Value of Permanent Life Insurance

How is the current economic uncertainty affecting your financial situation? Are you looking for an asset that offers sustained growth year after year and never declines in value? That's exactly the opportunity that permanent life insurance from Northwestern Mutual offers:

  • Protection built into your portfolio.
  • Guaranteed cash value growth over time.
  • Tax advantages.
  • Dividends providing competitive returns.

Guarantees for a Lifetime

Choose an asset that never stops growing and helps guarantee your financial security that will forever be there for you and your family. An asset that is worry-proof and recession-proof. That's the security of permanent life insurance from Northwestern Mutual.

Northwestern Mutual permanent polices provide protection through a guaranteed death benefit as well as an accumulation feature. Together, these features keep you in control of your future.

Access to Cash Value

Permanent life insurance can help offset economic uncertainty and help you achieve your financial goals. You can use the cash value to help:

The guaranteed accessibility to the cash value makes permanent life insurance one of the most valuable assets people can own. And, it grows tax deferred. Use of the cash value from your policy has advantages and disadvantages, can be subject to different tax consequences and reduces the death benefit.

Power of Our Dividend

One of the ways a permanent policy provides value is with a dividend.

Northwestern Mutual's structure as a mutual company and its unique investment approach allows it to return to policyowners a portion of its investment gains as well as the savings incurred from its claims and expense experience in the form of dividends. Although, these dividends cannot be guaranteed, Northwestern Mutual has paid one every year since 1872.

In fact, Northwestern Mutual has paid more than $60 Billion in life insurance dividends over the past 25 years.

Our Advantage

Northwestern Mutual's financial strength and consistency continue to provide a foundation to help you achieve your financial goals. Our industry leading dividend performance, the reliability of our returns, and the highest financial strength ratings help to build your foundation ... a foundation for life.

A truly strong financial future starts with the right foundation. Contact a Northwestern Mutual representative to find out how the power of Northwestern Mutual's permanent life insurance can help you build yours.

A.M. Best Company, 2010; is limited to ordinary and group life insurance dividends.

Non-guaranteed values and benefits include dividends. Illustrated dividends reflect current claim, expense and investment experience and are not estimates or guarantees of future results. The dividend scale is reviewed annually by the Company's Board of Trustees and is subject to change. Guarantees rely on the financial solvency of the insurer.

Third party ratings are subject to change.

Our Products

Northwestern Mutual offers a variety of permanent life insurance products for your unique situation.

65/90 Life Insurance
65 Life and 90 Life are Northwestern Mutual’s traditional permanent life insurance products. With these policies, coverage is permanent when you pay level premiums until age 65 or 90.

Limited Pay Life Insurance
Limited Pay Life insurance offers permanent insurance like 65 Life or 90 Life, but with Limited Pay Life, you pay for a predetermined length of time chosen at issue – either 10, 15, or 20 years.

Universal Life Insurance
Universal Life Insurance offers you the flexibility to customize premiums after initial payment and the ability to adjust your death benefit as needed.

Universal Life Insurance – Guaranteed
Universal Life – Guaranteed is an option in estate planning situations in which a guaranteed, level death benefit and guaranteed premiums are considered to be more important than building cash value.

Variable Life Insurance
Variable Life insurance allows you to make investment choices that can result in greater cash value and death benefit growth than a traditional life insurance plan.

Combination Life Insurance
While not an entirely permanent product, combination life insurance allows you to mix permanent life insurance and a term insurance component combined with additional purchase of paid-up life insurance coverage (death benefit).

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