Submitting claims

  • How do I submit a Long-Term Care (LTC) claim?

    To inform Northwestern Mutual of a Long-Term Care claim, please complete this form or contact the Northwestern Long-Term Care Claims Administration Office at 1-800-748-9493. Our staff will answer your questions and assist you with all aspects of claims management.

  • How do I submit a disability claim?

    To inform Northwestern Mutual of a disability, please complete this form or call our dedicated team at 1-800-748-9493. You can also contact your Northwestern Mutual Representative.

  • How do I report death of an insured?

    Our deepest sympathies. To inform Northwestern Mutual of a death of your loved one, please complete the following form.


  • How do I view the beneficiary on my Northwestern Mutual policy?

    To view beneficiary information, go to the details page of your individual policy or investment account by logging in here or registering for access to your online account here.

  • Why aren't all of my designated beneficiaries shown?

    There are reasons why this may happen. If you're not able to view all of your designated beneficiaries, please call our Customer Service Center at
    (866) 950-4644,
    Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., CT

  • Can I make a beneficiary change online for any of my products?

    A beneficiary change can be made online for all life insurance products by logging in here or registering for access to your online account here. For changes to other products, see below.

    • To make beneficiary changes on investment products, contact your financial representative or call Investment Client services at (866) 950-4644.
    • To make beneficiary changes on an Income Annuity or Income Plan, contact your financial representative or call Annuity Client Services at (866) 269-2950.
    • To make beneficiary changes on an Universal Life product, contact your financial representative or call Universal Life Services at (866) 464-3800.
  • Do I need to create an account to change beneficiaries?

    The most efficient way to make a beneficiary change on an insurance policy is to quickly and easily create an account for online access to your policies. Your individual insurance policies will be listed under the 'Insurance' tab, and you can review and change beneficiary information by simply:

    • Selecting a policy
    • Click on "Manage Beneficiaries"

    Alternatively, you can complete, sign and return a Beneficiary Change form by:

    • Logging into the website and printing out the beneficiary change form
    • Contacting your Northwestern Mutual financial representative, or
    • Contacting Client Services at (877) 394-9524, Monday-Friday 7am-6pm CT.
  • How do I change the beneficiary on an external account I've connected through my secure account?

    Since this external account is not held at Northwestern Mutual, you'll need to contact that financial institution to change the beneficiary.

Online access and payments

  • How do I register for an account?

    Sign up to get online access to your financial summary, manage your accounts, and make payments online.

    Register for online access

  • How do I pay my bill online?

    Sign-up or Log in to your Billing Account, a convenient way to pay multiple policies at once. When you have a Billing Account, you can make payments on this site as well as sign up for automatic payments, stop automatic payments, change the account used for automatic payments, change the payment frequency, or make one-time loan payments on outstanding balances.

  • How do I see my payment history?

    You can see a history of your payment events on the Billing and Payments page. If you have additional questions, please contact Northwestern Mutual directly at
    (866) 950-4644
    Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 10:00 p.m., CT

  • Can I make an online payment for a policy that is not on a Billing Account?

    To sign up for a Billing Account, call our Customer Service Center at (866) 950-4644.

    Policies not on a Billing Account cannot be paid for online. Please mail checks to:
    Northwestern Mutual
    PO Box 3009
    Milwaukee, WI 53201-3009

Update Your Communications Preferences

Please use the forms below to subscribe, re-subscribe or opt-out of email communications.

Long-term care faqs

  • Why are my premiums increasing?

    Unfortunately, we are not immune to the factors experienced across the industry, so a premium increase for some Northwestern Long Term Care Insurance Company policyowners is now necessary.

    Please read more

  • Do you need help or have specific questions regarding your policy?

    Our dedicated client service team is available and has the expertise to provide you with customized options to help you evaluate your needs.

    Call: 855-236-3861
    Hours: Monday – Friday (excluding holidays)
    8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CT
    Or, contact your financial representative directly when convenient.

Tax documents

This FAQ is not intended to be tax advice and cannot be used for the purpose of avoiding penalties that may be imposed under the Internal Revenue Code or any other applicable tax law and you are advised to seek tax advice based upon your own particular circumstances from an independent tax advisor.

  • Why am I receiving a Form 1099 from Northwestern Mutual?

    The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and the Internal Revenue Code (IRC) require Northwestern Mutual to report certain distributions received from life insurance and annuity contracts, and interest earned. The IRS requires that we report this information on a Form 1099 to both the taxpayer and the IRS. Some common examples of taxable income Northwestern Mutual is required to report include Form 1099-INT and Form 1099-R.

  • Can Northwestern Mutual advise me on tax matters?

    No, Northwestern Mutual cannot provide tax advice as tax laws are complex and circumstances can vary greatly. This FAQ provides answers to common questions about the Forms 1099 and what is reported on them. For tax advice you should consult with your tax advisor. For example, if you received a 1099-R indicating "taxable amount not determined" you may want to discuss with a tax advisor to determine the taxable portion. You may find helpful information on the Internal Revenue Service site at,, including IRS Publication 17, which provides information on a variety of topics and is searchable.

Form 1099-INT

  • Where do I report the interest income from the Form 1099-INT?

    Generally, interest income reported on Form 1099-INT is reported under the category of "taxable interest" on line 2 of the Yearly Tax Form 1040EZ or line 8a on the Yearly Tax Forms 1040A and 1040.

  • I received a Form 1099-INT as beneficiary of a life insurance contract. I thought death benefits were tax-free. Why did I receive a Form 1099-INT?

    While the death benefits from a life insurance contract are generally tax-free, interest may be paid from the date of death until the claim is settled. The IRS requires that we report the interest you earned on Form 1099-INT.

Form 1099-R

  • Where do I report the taxable gain from the Form 1099-R on my federal income tax return?

    If you receive income that is reported on Form 1099-R you cannot use Form 1040EZ. Generally, distributions from life insurance and annuity contracts are reported under the category of "pensions and annuities" on lines 12a and 12b on the Yearly Tax Form 1040A (11a and 11b if an IRA distribution) or lines 16a and 16b on Yearly Tax Form 1040 (15a and 15b if an IRA distribution).

  • I surrendered multiple life insurance or annuity contracts. Why did I only receive one Form 1099-R?

    The IRS allows for consolidating information from multiple contracts on one form, if the information is similar. As a mutual insurance company that is owned by the policyowners, we take advantage of this opportunity to reduce costs. We do include a breakdown by contract on the page following the Form 1099-R.

Complete product faqs

Mailing Information

Please refrain from sending mail correspondence or checks to your local office. If you need to send documents to your advisor, please use email and electronic funds transmittals (ETFs). Your financial representative can help you set up an ETF. In case you are unable to send materials electronically, please use the mailing addresses below.

For non-investment materials

Please send all correspondence, with the exception of investment checks, to Northwestern Mutual headquarters:

Northwestern Mutual

P.O. Box 2958
Milwaukee, WI  53201

For investment materials

Investment related checks can be sent directly to Pershing. Always include the Pershing account number (found on your statement) on the face of each check and any supporting documents:

Non-Retirement Checks – Regular Mail

Pershing LLC

P.O. Box 382121
Pittsburgh, PA  15250–8121

Non-Retirement Checks – Express/Tracked Mail

Pershing LLC

Attn: 382121  500 Ross Street 154–0455
Pittsburgh, PA  15262–0001

Rollover Checks – Express/Tracked Mail

Pershing LLC

Attn: 382084  500 Ross Street 154–0455
Pittsburgh, PA  15262–0001

Rollover/IRA Contribution Checks – Regular Mail

Pershing LLC

P.O. Box 382084
Pittsburgh, PA  15250–8084

Recognizing that many clients have specific questions or needs, our teams are ready to help—and we thank you, in advance, for your patience while we respond to a higher-than-normal volume of inquiries.

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