Live your life with whole life insurance.

Having a whole life insurance policy from Northwestern Mutual is much more than a safety net. It has benefits you can use while you're living that will give your financial plan even more flexibility. Whole life insurance builds cash value over time that you can use for anything. It can come in handy for unexpected expenses, putting your kids through college, expanding your business, upgrading your home, or as additional income in retirement.

Get more with a whole life insurance policy

Premiums that never increase

Once we set your premiums (based on things like the amount of coverage you'll need, your age, and health), what you pay every month (or yearly) is what you'll always pay.

Guaranteed payout

Along with giving you the confidence of knowing that there will be lifelong protection for your loved ones, they'll receive a death benefit when you're no longer here.

Flexible funds

Your policy builds cash value1 that can be used for anything. You also have a chance to earn dividends2 which you can take as cash, use it to pay premiums, and more.

Tax advantages

The death benefit (payout) of your policy is typically tax-free, and the cash value accumulates tax deferred.

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The key to a smarter financial plan: whole life insurance

Did you know that whole life insurance can be an important part of your financial big picture? At Northwestern Mutual, our advisors4 will create a financial plan based on your priorities and goals, tailoring it from a range of financial options including the right amount of whole life insurance and investment strategies to give you more flexibility, and confidence to go after your goals now, and years from now. Here's what our version of planning can do:

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  • Protect everything you’ve worked hard for up to now and plan to do in the future

  • Make the most of what you have with recommendations for saving and managing debt

  • Grow your money with the right investments to reach your goals

Our approach to planning

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Dividends put money back into your pocket.

Dividends are given out when our earnings turn out better than we thought they would when premiums were set, and benefits established. As a mutual company, we don't have stockholders so instead of paying dividends to Wall Street, we pay them to our policyowners. Even though they're not guaranteed, we've paid dividends every year since 1872. Here's what you can use them for:

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  • Anything you want (when you take it as cash)

  • Paying your premiums

  • Increasing your coverage

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The Northwestern Mutual difference

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