What is variable universal life insurance (VUL)?

Variable universal life gives you the protection of a generally tax-free death benefit along with the flexibility to customize your policy as your life and needs change. If you're interested in growing your wealth, VUL might be a smart move. That's because it gives you the opportunity to build even more cash value than you could with other types of permanent life insurance, potentially leading to a higher death benefit. However, it's important to know that since your policy's cash value is invested in the market, it can go up or down in value based on market volatility.

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The benefits of variable universal life policies

Cash value

VUL builds cash value over time that grows, tax deferred, that you can use for anything, anytime.1 Your policy also has the potential to build even more cash value than you could with traditional permanent life insurance.

Flexible premiums & death benefit

With VUL, you'll have the flexibility to choose the amount of your death benefit, how much you pay in premiums, and when you pay them. As long as there is enough cash value to pay your policy's monthly fees and expenses, your coverage will generally continue.

Flexible investments

VUL also gives you flexibility in how your cash value is invested, allowing you to choose from multiple policy investment options managed by leading investment firms.

Option to de-risk over time

Our Strength and Stability account (SAS)2 lets you move some money out of the market permanently if you want to take on less risk over time. Plus, you'll get a crediting rate that's backed by the Northwestern Mutual general account.3

Automatic rebalancing

VUL also comes with the option to use automatic rebalancing, giving you periodic, automatic adjustments that can help keep your diversified investment plan on track.

Dollar cost averaging

With this feature, money is moved from a money market account to your investment accounts at regular intervals. That way, you generally purchase more investments when the market is down and fewer when it's up.4

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