Spring may not quite be in the air yet, but it’s definitely on the calendar — and on the minds of everyone who’s ready to bid winter farewell.

Just don’t expect to know right off the bat where the good deals are. “March can be a tricky time to find strong discounts,” says Nathan Burrow, deals editor at Wirecutter. But if you pick your spots, you can find interesting deals.”

So if you’re ready to clear out the cobwebs and find the best things to buy in March, here are some tips to help you get the best savings.


Vacuums. Nothing revs up a spring cleaning session like a vacuum, and March is a great time to get a deal on a new one. “It’s a combination of spring cleaning promotions and typical sales on older stick, upright, handheld and even robot vacuums, like Roombas and some of our picks from Eufy,” Burrow says. “Historically, we see a good amount of March sales in this product category, including a lot of Wirecutter picks.”

Small Kitchen Appliances and Kitchen Essentials. If you’re ready to get cooking, you’ll find good deals on the tools you’ll need to whip up everything from a morning smoothie to your next culinary masterpiece.

“It’s roughly the midpoint between Black Friday and Amazon Prime Day, which is when small kitchen appliances like stand mixers and food processors, as well as other kitchen essentials like pots and pans, tend to see their very best pricing,” Burrow says. And don’t worry about whether you’ll see better deals during those big sale events: “You’re not going to feel burned come July since the deals are, in fact, pretty good,” he adds.

Mobile Phones and Accessories. Expect February sales on mobile phones to continue into March as new generation devices get released, specifically on Android phones. “The Samsung Galaxy S20 is coming out on March 6 and that will drive sales on previous generations of Samsung devices, as well as on Android devices in general,” Burrow says. “For example, I expect the Galaxy S10E devices will have better sales than we have seen to this point.”

Burrow adds that over the past two years, Wirecutter staffers have seen strong sales in March on the site’s charger and charging cable picks, wireless headphones and earbuds, and cases to protect your phone. This bodes well for March 2020. “I also think that we’re far enough removed from the release of the iPhone 11 where we’ll also see good deals on those accessories, as well as on cases to protect the Apple and the Android devices,” Burrow says.

Amazon Echo Dot and Apple AirPods. Burrow puts these two in the category of “devices that have been hard to come by since they sold out during holiday promotions.”

The Amazon Echo Dot clock has been back-ordered for months, with inventory anticipated to re-stock in March. “It was a really hot item during November and then it immediately sold out,” he says. And at least occasionally throughout March, Burrow anticipates that the Apple AirPods Pro, “which have been nearly impossible to come by, will also be back in stock at the sale price that we usually see for them, of $235.”


Travel Gear. You may be planning to get away for spring break or thinking ahead to summer vacation, but try to make do with your old suitcase for now. “We will see some of the best pricing, period, for carry-on and checked luggage when July rolls around,” Burrow says. “I know it might be difficult, but waiting a few months will be to your benefit.”

Outdoor Home and Garden Supplies. You may naturally want to shop for garden supplies once you see those tender green shoots peek out of the ground, but you should hold off if you can. “You’ll see sales on everything in this category, from lawn mowers and string trimmers to grills, in April and May,” Burrow says.

Baby Gear. Babies tend to determine their own timetables, but if you’re expecting your bundle of joy to make his or her entrance toward the end of the year, Burrow recommends waiting until then to buy all the cute gear. “The best sales on baby gear, from car seats to strollers to baby carriers, are usually much later in the year,” he says. “We tend to see better pricing in July, but the best pricing for it is in the last few months of the year: October, November, December.”

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