Fund Overview


Russell Investment Management, LLC


A broadly diversified fund of funds, investing in a combination of underlying funds consisting of approximately 35-45% equity (U.S., non-U.S., including real estate) and 55-65% fixed income. The objective is to provide high current income and moderate long-term capital appreciation.

Asset Class:

Value, Growth and Market-Oriented

Russell Investment Group, a Washington USA corporation, operates through subsidiaries worldwide.

Each of the Divisions identified as a LifePoints Variable Target Portfolio Series Fund (LifePoints Fund) is a fund of funds and diversified its assets by investing, at present, in other mutual funds (the “Underlying Fund”). Each LifePoints fund seeks to achieve a specific investment objective by investing in different combinations of the Underlying Funds.

LifePoints® and the Russell Investments logo are registered trademarks and service marks of Russell Investment Group.

No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against a loss.