When saving for retirement, the big question on everyone’s mind is: Will I have enough money to last as long as I live?

There’s a lot of uncertainty, which is why Northwestern Mutual takes a unique approach to retirement income planning ... to give you a greater level of confidence that the money you’re working so hard to save will last your lifetime.

How? Through a process called “probability analysis,” we test your plan against thousands of different scenarios. We test which plans fail when something goes wrong and which ones are more likely to succeed in the face of adversity … to help you achieve your goals with a 90 percent probability of success.1

At Northwestern Mutual, we use probability analysis to help you create a retirement income plan that takes into consideration a broad range of risk factors, such as:

We also know that the planning you do when you are in your 30s is far different from the planning that needs to happen in the years just before you retire. That’s why we use probability analysis to help you fine-tune your plan as you get closer to that stage of your life, paying attention to all the details to account for the risks you may encounter. Planning for a 90 percent probability of success may mean changing your course—or even taking a more conservative approach—to help ensure your money lasts as long as you live.

You deserve a retirement income plan you can count on, no matter what—one that will help ensure your financial security isn’t dependent on the whims of the economy … or anything other than your own vision for the future. We want to help make that happen. Let’s work on your plan today!

1Probability analysis is designed to provide a high probability of success, but simulations/projections are hypothetical, are not representative of actual investment results and are not a guarantee of future results.