What is hybrid life and long-term care insurance?

Our hybrid life and long-term care insurance is a whole life insurance policy with a long-term care benefit rider. It's designed to make sure you get value from your policy whether you need care or not. It gives you guaranteed coverage for qualified long-term care expenses, or will pay the death benefit in case you don't need long-term care (or just a limited amount). Best of all, it comes with the potential for the value of these benefits to grow over time through the power of dividends.1 And once your premiums are set, they'll never go up.

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Hybrid life and long-term care with more flexibility

Choose your coverage amount

You can choose the amount of long-term care coverage that is right for you, your needs, and your budget.

Get the care you need, when you need it

You'll have six years of guaranteed coverage at the maximum monthly benefit, and it can increase through long-term care dividends1 up to 10 years.

Receive a guaranteed payout

If you pass away without ever needing long-term care, your policy has a death benefit that can grow over time through life insurance dividends.1

Option to take the surrender value

You'll always have the option to surrender your policy2 and receive its surrender value if your circumstances change.

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Make your financial plan smarter with a plan for long-term care.

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The cost of long-term care is often underestimated. Should you need care, it could have a big impact on your ability to fund your goals, so it's important to plan for both. Our advisors will create a financial plan based on your priorities, tailoring it from a range of financial options to give you more flexibility, and confidence to go after your goals now, and years from now. Here's what our version of financial planning can do:

  • Protect what you've worked hard for up to now, and plan to do in the future
  • Make the most of your money with recommendations for saving and managing debt
  • Grow your money with the right investments to reach your goals
Our approach to planning

The Northwestern Mutual difference

97% of our clients stay with us year over year

The percentage of our policyowners who stay with us year over year.3

Statistic for Northwestern Mutual, based on Northwestern Mutual policyowner data.

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The number of people we're proud to call clients, and who put their trust in us.4

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The number of years we’ve been there for our clients—through depressions, downturns, and pandemics.

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Ready to plan your long-term care?

Our advisors will help you plan for the right amount of long-term care coverage for you, your goals, and your budget.

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