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What if you lost your source of income? What happens to those plans to put the kids through college, update your house, and live it up in retirement? Your earning potential is probably your biggest asset, and Northwestern Mutual is here to help you protect it.

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even without a paycheck.

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Disability insurance

It's possible to keep some of your income in the event you can't work to make money. There are also options for people who contribute to the household in other ways, like childcare. We'll help you find the best way for you to protect your, and your family's, earning potential.1

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Life insurance

There's more to life insurance than you might think. Did you know that besides protecting your loved ones' financial future, you can use your whole life policy for "life things" like securing emergency cash, tuition assistance, or creating income in retirement?2 We'll help you get the coverage you need to reach your life goals.

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Did you know?

One out of every four employees will be disabled for at least three months at some point during his or her career.3