Our response to COVID-19

Nurses wearing masks in a hospital.

We've been prepared for whatever comes our way since day one. And we know the importance of being there for our clients and those in the communities that rely on us. Throughout the pandemic, we helped national and local partners deliver essential services and relief for those impacted most by the virus.

Learn moreSee how we brought vaccines to those who needed it
Nurses wearing masks in a hospital.

Causes we care about

Through financial support, volunteerism, and collaboration with partners, we're helping to build stronger communities.

Curing childhood cancer

We're helping accelerate the search for a cure to childhood cancer while supporting families undergoing treatment and survivors suffering from late effects.Learn more

Revitalizing neighborhoods

We're following a long-term, resident-led approach to help reverse the root causes of racial and economic challenges in our communities.Learn more

Improving education

We believe that education is key to building a strong community, which is why supporting education for Milwaukee's youth is one of our top priorities.Learn more

Supporting culture

We make sure our hometown continues to flourish by supporting nonprofit organizations that provide cultural opportunities for everyone.Learn more

Taking action toward racial equity

Nurses wearing masks in a hospital

We believe in doing our part to stand against that which divides us. Through our Sustained Action for Racial Equity (SARE) task force, we're working to drive comprehensive and lasting change across our company and communities, in ways we uniquely can—for our clients, employees, advisors, and our collective future.

The SARE task force works on solutions to drive inclusion and cultural respect, recruits diverse talent, and creates community partnerships to drive empowerment. While our commitment to fighting racism isn't new, we recognize that achieving racial equity means addressing deep-rooted issues. We believe this can be done through a comprehensive approach to drive change over time.

Nurses wearing masks in a hospital

Here are some recent highlights:

$20M dollars allocated to start-ups with Black or African-American founders by Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures funds.

Northwestern Mutual Future Ventures funds has allocated $20 million to start-ups with Black or African-American founders. We have begun investing in companies and are engaged in discussions with others to be part of this initiative. See more details.

$100K thousand dollars in grant money provided to each black founder.

Northwestern Mutual Black Founder Accelerator program is working with start-ups in partnership with gener8tor (a nationally ranked start-up accelerator) to provide each Black founder a $100,000 grant to apply toward their business model—along with mentoring from key leaders of Northwestern Mutual. Learn more about this program.

$100M in funding.

Northwestern Mutual Impact Investing Fund is supporting Black and African-American financial inclusion and economic prosperity with $100 million in funding.

Giving employees and advisors a chance to give back

A volunteer reading to a young child.

We're passionate about supporting our employees' passion for the causes they care about most.

  • Two days of paid volunteer time

  • Matching Gifts Program (a dollar-for-dollar match for charitable gifts made by employees to accredited schools)

  • Northwestern Mutual Volunteer Program (including mentoring, charity drives, and collections)

  • Community Service Awards (helping our advisors and representatives make impactful change in their communities across the country)

A volunteer reading to a young child.

Investing to make a world of difference

We strive to create positive, risk-adjusted, long-term outcomes for our clients, communities, and the environment. We recognize the impact that environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors can have on the risks and returns of an investment over time.


in environmentally sensitive and socially responsible investments, including $3B in housing support for people with low incomes.


in environmentally sensitive and socially responsible investments, including $3B in housing support for people with low incomes.

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