For consumers, February is best known as the month when you shop for your sweetheart or splurge over a long sale weekend.

Of course, how you spend your money this February will probably look different than last year. Instead of a fancy dinner out, you might be ordering a fancy meal kit in. Or instead of hitting up sales on new work outfits, you’re looking for the most comfortable quarantine sweats.

Regardless, there are plenty of deals to be had this month. Here are the best things to buy in February, and a few you should skip.


Televisions. Super Bowl Sunday is February 7, so “lots of electronics retailers will host sales on large TVs,” says Michael Bonebright, a consumer analyst with “What's more, some of the best deals will be on refurbished sets.” Last year, Bonebright says he saw offers on a refurbished Vizio 55-inch set for only $272 on eBay, and a refurbished Samsung 55-inch TV for $500 at Walmart.

Mattresses. Although “George Washington slept here” became a real estate cliché long before Presidents’ Day existed, the long weekend does traditionally have great deals on mattresses. “Expect to save as much as 60 percent off on mattresses at department stores like Macy's, while Home Depot could knock up to 40 percent off,” Bonebright says.

Winter Clothing. There’s still plenty of chill left in the air, which means more time to bundle up while pocketing savings. “Coats, hats and other cold-weather accessories are on clearance in February, so it’s the perfect time to stock up,” Bonebright says. He notes that featured sale items could include everything from thermal underwear, long-sleeved henley shirts and thermal socks and sweatshirts to beanie hats and gloves.

Gardening Items. If you’re already dreaming of spring, Bonebright says now is actually a good time to stock up on gardening gear ahead of the coming thaw. “For instance, last year in February a Worx blower/mulcher/vacuum combo went for $40, which was the lowest price we could find by $21.”


Luggage. You may not be traveling anytime soon, but Bonebright says luggage is a good item to buy — in the spring. “If you just wait until March, you should see much steeper discounts on suitcases and travel bags than we see in February,” he says.

Android Phones. If you didn’t get the new smartphone you wanted for the holidays, you’ll need to wait a while before you’ll see good deals again. “Mobile World Congress has been postponed to June 28 this year, and that annual event is when Android companies typically announce their latest flagships,” Bonebright says. “Given the ongoing supply chain issues for smartphones, we don't expect to see any good discounts on these products until the summer.”

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