Buying in bulk is easier than ever, thanks to wholesale clubs and sites like Boxed and Amazon. But while it’s easy to get seduced by those big packages and seemingly low prices, you simply shouldn’t buy everything in bulk. Make sure you’re getting a good deal, that you’ll actually use up the items and that you have enough storage space. Here are seven things to consider buying in bulk to save money in the long run:


No one wants to start their day running out of toilet paper. And if you have the space to store it, it pays to buy a lot at once! (It’s not like you’re ever not going to not need it.) You can find name-brand toilet paper for as little as $.45 per roll for a 48-pack. Just make sure to do the math on the price per unit so you know you’re getting a good deal.


Remember when going to the movies was cheap enough that you could still afford dinner afterward? Get a taste of the good ol’ days by buying movie tickets at bulk stores like Costco. You can get a 10-pack of tickets (with no expiration) for up to $40 cheaper than what it would cost to buy those tickets individually at the theaters. Winner, winner, now you get dinner!


Is it bad form to buy a gift card for yourself? Not if you buy it from a wholesale club. You can find gift cards to chain restaurants, hotels and spas and all kinds of activities at a discount. Recent deals have included $100-value gift cards for $79.99. It’s a great way to stock up for birthdays and holidays — or a little R&R for yourself (we won’t tell).

Shopping from a list will lessen the temptation to spend money on things you don’t need.


It’s not just giant tubs of packaged foods that come in bulk. Stock up on grains, beans, nuts and dried fruit from bulk bins to avoid buying more than you need and pay less for what you do buy. Dried cranberries are notably cheaper than their packaged counterparts, for example. Pro tip: If you’re a fan of almond or cashew milk, buy nuts in bulk and make your own! The packaged versions are mostly water and preservatives, so you’ll get better value AND better taste. As long as you own a blender, you’re in business!


Why waste your money on 4-ounce bottles of turmeric or oregano for a single recipe? Use the bulk bins to buy what you need and even try something new without guilt over price. You could save substantial money, plus amp up your cooking with spices that are fresher, rather than using that same bottle that’s been collecting dust on the shelf for two years.


Typical alkaline batteries have a five-year shelf life, so it’s worth stocking up when you spot a good deal. You can find them for up to 50 percent cheaper when you buy in bulk on sites like or Amazon rather than single or double packs at the convenience store.


Whether you need flowers for a wedding, baby shower or any special occasion, skip the pricey boutique floral shop and try your local warehouse club. You can get 10 full bouquets for as low as $100 — and no one will know the difference.

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