Nothing kills a vacation high like getting to your hotel, looking around, and thinking, “Yikes, is this really the room I booked online?” But if you’re ready to trade the mini-fridge for a fully-stocked kitchen or starchy linens for a dreamy guest room, you may want to book your next vacation down South.

Airbnb just ranked the most hospitable cities in the U.S. based on locales with the highest share of 5-star reviews (hello, private backyard). The top spot goes to Asheville, North Carolina, where hosts are likely to be described as warm, helpful and inviting.

It doesn’t hurt that Asheville travelers can take their pick from a cozy cabin in the mountains to a luxe suite just a hop, skip and a jump away from the artsy downtown scene.

Here are the places where Airbnb hosts go the extra mile.


1. Asheville, North Carolina
2. Portland, Oregon
3. St. Louis, Missouri
4. Nashville, Tennessee
5. Phoenix, Arizona
6. Denver Colorado
7. Austin, Texas
8. Charleston, South Carolina
9. Dallas, Texas
10. San Antonio, Texas

A separate Airbnb survey found 86 percent of travelers said reviews and peer recommendations were important when choosing accommodations. So it makes sense that good reviews in these areas lead to even more visitors — and good ratings.

No need to schlep in with all your beach gear if you visit this Charleston home, where the host provides plenty of towels, beach chairs, mats and a cooler (filled with drinks!) for visitors to use. Dying to see what keeps Portland weird? This treehouse offers 5-star hospitality with a friendly cat and a view.

Texas has three cities on the list, but lock down accommodations fast — the state’s seen a 77 percent growth rate of Airbnb guests within the last year.

The cities that made the cut have the benefit of having tons to explore in the surrounding area while also offering a comfortable place for vacationers to, you know, actually relax. And since these major cities aren’t the biggest (read: priciest) tourist destinations, visitors can often find more affordable activities and accommodations. Booking an apartment or home stay can help you curb costs, especially if you’re traveling with kids.

If you’re still pinning down your family’s summer vacation plans, these under-the-radar spots are hidden gems you shouldn’t miss.

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