Variable Products Compensation

Northwestern Mutual variable insurance and annuity products are available exclusively through NMIS and its registered representatives and cannot be held with or transferred to an unaffiliated broker-dealer. Except in limited circumstances, NMIS registered representatives are required to offer Northwestern Mutual variable insurance and annuity products. The amount and timing of sales compensation paid by insurance companies varies. The commissions, benefits, and other sales compensation that NMIS and its registered representatives receive for the sale of a Northwestern Mutual variable insurance or annuity product might be more or less than that received for the sale of a comparable product from another company.

Because registered representatives of the Distributor are also our appointed agents, they may be eligible for various cash benefits, such as bonuses, insurance benefits, retirement benefits, and non-cash compensation programs that we offer, such as conferences, achievement recognition, prizes, and awards. In addition, Distributor's registered representatives who meet certain productivity, persistency and length of service standards and/or their managers may be eligible for additional compensation. For example, registered representatives who meet certain annual sales production requirements with respect to their sales of Northwestern Mutual insurance and annuity products may qualify to receive additional cash compensation for their other sales of investment products and services. Sales of the Contracts may help registered representatives and/or their managers qualify for such compensation and benefits. Certain of the Distributor's registered representatives may receive other payments from us for the recruitment, development, training, and supervision of Financial Representatives, production of promotional literature, and similar services. Commissions and other incentives and payments described above are not charged directly to Owners or to the Separate Account. We intend to recoup sales expenses through fees and charges deducted under the Contract. The Distributor's registered representatives receive ongoing servicing compensation related to the Contracts but may be ineligible to receive ongoing servicing compensation paid by issuers of other investment products for certain smaller accounts.